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Chasing Solutions: Black Reproductive Health Series – Healthy Black Womanhood

Oct 24, 2022
6:00pm - 7:30pm

When we think of healthy Black women-what is our vision of success, and how do we build concrete steps to not only raise awareness of our potential but build a whole-body map to get there by eliminating prisons of racism, paternalism, colorism, classism, sexism, sizeism, and all the obstacles that plague the medical community. And what does being healthy look and sound like? Is it free from pain and disease? The ability to control my health outcomes or something else? Healthy Black Womanhood is not possible without understanding who we are. The essence of our being starts with what is healthy for us. What do we need to tap into a healthy reservoir of womanhood? What do we deserve to know about our reproductive health as Black women? What should we advocate for when it comes to reproductive rights? And to whom, when, and where?

Get answers to these questions from our phenomenal lineup of medical professionals whose professional and personal oaths are changing medicine.

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