Give Black®

Our Giving Black® partners are addressing numerous issues relevant to our community. You can support them below. If you are a NEBiP member and would like to include your fund or organization on this page, please contact

  • Amandla Fund for Economic and Racial Justice

    The Amandla Fund for Economic and Racial Justice was created by giving circles for the greater Richmond area to support social justice.

  • The Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire

    The Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire promotes awareness and appreciation of New Hampshire’s African American history and life and is committed to the accurate telling of African American history.

  • Black Philanthropy Giving Circle

    The Black Philanthropy Giving Circle Fund’s mission is to create sustainable change in the Black community by leveraging the philanthropic efforts of donors and celebrating Black philanthropy. While all donations are welcome, a gift of $365 per year will allow you to become a member of the giving circle.

  • Enid Harris Family Scholarship Fund

    The Enid Harris Family Scholarship Fund is a scholarship fund to support preschool education for children

  • Freedom House

    A historic civil rights organization, Freedom House builds economic, racial, and social equity in our communities through education and leadership development.

  • G[Code] House

    G[Code] House is a non-profit organization that assists young women aged 18-25 with an interest or aptitude for computers and technology, specifically those who may not know how to develop these interests or understand the opportunities available to them.

  • Gertie Pie Foundation

    On April 26, 2022, Ms. Gertrude transitioned from this life and the legacy that she desired to leave was one of educational support to those who others may “count out.” She said, “I want to celebrate those kids that don’t give up on themselves even when the people around them do…they need to know not to count themselves out.” This fund supports that effort.

  • Giving Soles: Cameroon, Africa

    Giving Soles: Cameroon Africa is a charity fund started by the Branch family in Boston, MA. With it’s mission being to bring footwear to primary school aged children in Cameroon, Africa, Giving Soles is aiming to bring address inequalitites that students in Cameroon face everyday.

  • Greater Cincinnati Foundation

    Greater Cincinnati Foundation believes the greatest change happens when people come together—in partnership, collaboration and generosity. Our role is to align the right players and then coordinate their efforts and contributions to make the biggest impact.

  • League of Women for Community Service

    The League of Women for Community Service For a century the League of Women for Community Service has promoted equality and social justice in employment, education, housing, voting, and public accommodations.

  • Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond

    The Community Foundation is a leading partner and advocate for philanthropy and service in the Richmond region. Founded in 1968, we have built a strong legacy of helping people and institutions give back with passion and purpose.

  • The Grove Hall Trust

    The Grove Hall Trust

    The mission of the Grove Hall Trust is to make Grove Hall better by improving the quality of life for its residents. The Grove Hall Trust is committed to empowering the community to decide what programs their neighborhood needs. Support our efforts to bring vital programs and resources to the Grove Hall area.

  • National CARES Mentoring Movement

    National CARES Mentoring Movement transforms the lives of Black children by inspiring, recruiting and mobilizing masses of caring Black men and women to mentor and nourish them.

  • New Commonwealth Racial Equity and Social Justice Fund (NCF)

    New Commonwealth Racial Equity and Social Justice Fund (NCF) seeks to erase systemic racism in Massachusetts through trust-based grant-making, culturally relevant capacity building and fostering an ecosystem to support robust racial equity and social justice outcomes.

  • Parenting Journey

    Parenting Journey is a nonprofit Training Institute serving social services agencies and clinicians nationally. Parenting Journey’s model is experiential and sits at the intersection of theory and practice to apply trauma-informed and strengths-based strategies for family development and resilience.

  • Resilient Sisterhood Project

    The Resilient Sisterhood Project raises awareness and empowers women of African descent regarding diseases of the reproductive system. They address health and medical inequities, environmental/food injustice, and other social determinants of health.

  • Rosemary's Babies

    Rosemary’s Babies aids hundreds of teens through hotline services, emergency care, and programs aimed at helping teen parents build path to success for teen parenthood.

  • SisterFund

    SisterFund’s mission is to unite civic-minded African American women’s ideas and actions through philanthropy and collective giving.

  • Vital Village Networks

    Vital Village is a network of residents and organizations committed to maximizing child, family, and community well-being.

NEBiP's Mission

The mission of New England Blacks in Philanthropy (NEBIP) is to inform, reform and transform the practice of philanthropy. Our goal is to increase the assets and power of Black philanthropy and communities. 100% of your contribution whether through membership and/or donation will support philanthropic efforts and research to inform the practice of philanthropy in Black communities.

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The landscape of philanthropy is changing. The demographics of who gives and what they care about is vastly different than it was 20 or 30 years ago. The dollars that are available for philanthropic investment have increased exponentially and the transfer of that wealth in the coming years is going to a new breed of philanthropists.

Foundations need to keep up with the interests, behaviors and passions of their stakeholders. We can help. Through our Intentional Philanthropic Investments program, we provide tailored expert support and associated tools and resources that can be used in in developing and executing effective intentional philanthropy.

By engaging our IPI team, you can receive guidance on how to power your intentional investment strategy – which approaches are right for your community or individual focus and how to create the biggest impact.


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