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Director of Transformation Projects

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Job Summary

The Director of Transformation Projects will provide day to day counsel, advice, review, analysis and certain/specific oversight to the Office of the Chief Transformation Officer and its specific undertakings. Serving as a liaison between consultants, outside counsel, management, vendors and others as required, the Director will execute directives, guidance and strategic management to ensure the operational and business needs of the Office of the Chief Transformation Officer are met.
Duties & Responsibilities

The Director will report directly to the Chief Transformation Officer (hereinafter “CTO”) and will be responsible for facilitating and overseeing the division’s administrative and operational functions, particularly in regard to assigned projects.
The primary capabilities required of this position are strategic and facilitative.
Assist the Program Manager in the day-to-day project planning, delivery and content of the AFC2.0 project.
Assist in the development, management and delivery of the on-going AFC1.0 and the FMIS projects.
Liaise between consultant team(s), senior management and others as required, meaning he or she will be a point of contact between specific teams/management and the CTO.
Execute leadership, direction, and strategic management to projects, consultants and senior management and will act as advisor on behalf of the CTO.
Manage the daily/certain operations of the office of the CTO.
Develop projects and provide oversight to critical divisional projects.
Provide legal and strategic guidance to the CTO and his/her staff and will manage legal and policy decisions in coordination with the Office of the General Counsel.
Evaluate and provide legal advice and analysis to the CTO in regard to deadline adherence, compliance with applicable laws, regulations and policies for projects and advice the CTO on matters involving outside counsel, consultants and vendors.
Assist in the management of the workforce by ensuring the fair and consistent application and adherence to the rules, regulations and collective bargaining agreements (if applicable) and policies of the Authority including the EEO, Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment and Anti-Retaliation policies.
Review all pending issues and forward recommendations regarding policies, project progress, procedures, and regulations to the CTO.
Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.
Minimum Requirements/Qualifications

Juris Doctorate from an accredited institution.
Six (6) years of combined legal and project facilitation experience.
Ability to handle a broad range of issues in a fast-paced environment supporting a program management team.
Excellent communication skills.
Proficient in Microsoft Office.
Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information.
Ability to pass a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check, background screening, and the MBTA’s drug and alcohol screening.
Have a satisfactory work record for the two (2) years immediately prior to the closing date of this posting, including overall employment, job performance, discipline, and safety records (infractions and/or offenses occurring after the closing of the posting and before the filling of a vacancy may preclude a candidate from consideration for selection).
Have the ability to supervise and work effectively with a diverse workforce.
PREFERENCES:Experience in the public sector.
Experience in a Chief of Staff or similar type position.