LPE™ Research and Strategy Services for 2021

We are expanding our LPE™ research and strategy services to include more tools to help your organization.

LPE™ is a proprietary approach to philanthropic equity research and practice that examines perceived gaps inherent in intentional philanthropic investment opportunities among grant-making institutions and individuals serving diverse communities.  LPE™ was developed through NEBiP’s Intentional Philanthropic Investments® division using multi-method and multidisciplinary approaches from social sciences to examine and evaluate how intentional philanthropic investments are defined and operationalized in diverse communities.  The result is an empirically-rich research approach and philanthropic investment tool development process that helps individuals and organizations better understand the philanthropic sector and use the LPE™  framework to develop strategies to better reflect and support intentional philanthropic investments.  NEBIP provides LPE™ research and strategy services to philanthropists and philanthropic organizations through reports, awareness campaigns, workshops, and seminars.

For a list of our upcoming LPE offerings for the New Year, please check our Events Page.