Shifting Paradigms in the Practice of Philanthropy by Giving Black


We are bringing forth a paradigm shift in philanthropy from focusing on Black deficits to shining a light on our considerable potential and financial leverage in order to increase the assets in our communities with the power of Black philanthropy.

Our vision is to create a strong alliance between funders and Black communities. We will get there by providing tools and resources to help foundations and other giving organizations make informed grantmaking decisions about their support in our communities.
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Point of View


Affinity Giving

We seek to grow the social consciousness of affinity philanthropy so that both the individual and collective can “give where the heart is.” By assisting communities to understand the individual level of a cohesive, philanthropic social bond with a lens on diversity, equity and inclusion, we strengthen philanthropic effectiveness. This is necessary because most communities lack the unique philanthropic perspectives of affinity groups.  

The Giving Black research program collects data from Black philanthropists to provide a platform that connects stakeholders, academia, non-profits, the public policy sector, government, and donors – specifically in the Black community – to determine viable solutions to develop community assets. Its sister program, Giving Cities, collects data across affinities (Black, Latinx, Asian, Women, LGTB, etc.) within a defined metropolitan area. Both programs enable local foundations to create a community-developed philanthropic framework that will serve as a tool to assist in meeting the needs of their community. 

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At the Crossroads of Philanthropy AND Equity

“Philanthropy is commendable, but it must not cause the philanthropist to overlook the circumstances of economic injustice that make philanthropy necessary.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King

Dr. Martin Luther King’s message to us about philanthropy is more relevant today than ever before. As we consider the current and future pipeline of charitable dollars from individuals, corporations, and philanthropic entities, we must ask: “To what end?” David Callahan, founder and editor of Inside Philanthropy, recently gave a compelling presentation examining the new philanthropic landscape and its turbo financial power. Mega-donors and their philanthropic counterparts will provide jet propulsion financial assistance. Yet, it is not clear whether or not this new funding pool is actually considering philanthropy in the terms Dr. King advised – to ensure that philanthropy addresses the circumstances of economic equity.

As we approach, Black History Month, we are contemplating the crossroads we face and asking the tough questions that help us examine our philanthropic frameworks with a sharp, balanced focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Look for our February newsletter to join the dialogue.

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Find out about the latest research and data points regarding black philanthropy, assets, issues, trends and what the leading practitioners are working on.”

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Through our sponsored meetings and other events, we are creating a platform for members to design strategies that will have a collective impact on issues important to the Black community.

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Giving Black is NEBiP's evidence-based approach to understanding the motivations, desires and patterns of Black philanthropy.

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