Intentional Philanthropic Investments

We believe that investments made strategically and thoughtfully to address issues in our community are far more impactful than “checkbook” charity. Beyond making us feel good, intentional philanthropy solves problems, builds assets and provides a return to the people it serves.

To support your intentional philanthropy, we provide the following services to support community foundations, individual donors, large funds and others who collectively seek to take a tactical approach to make a difference.

Intentional Philanthropic Investment

Affinity Giving Data and Research

In order to have a clear picture of the landscape of intentional investment opportunity, investors need data. We offer national and reports which provide high level data to show trends in giving and philanthropic investment by affinity groups.

Our research teams can create tailored reports for your community with a lens on specific giving trends. Affinity giving data and research includes Giving Black® reports, Giving Cities reports, Giving Regions and Giving Women.

Giving Black® Cincinnati - December 2018

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation has been working hard to understand how we can best serve our community to ensure a region where everyone can thrive. Black philanthropy has been deeply ingrained in our culture from the time we arrived on American soil – but has not been top of mind when thinking of mainstream philanthropy.

This project has expanded our knowledge with data and qualitative research about diverse donors and to increase the impact of our collective work. Giving Black® is a timely initiative that sheds new light on the donor diversity and philanthropic behaviors of Black philanthropists in our region.

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Most Important Issues Facing the Black Community in Boston

  • Economic Equity
    Livable wages, eradicating poverty, affordable housing
  • Educational Equity
    Closing the achievement gap, ending the school to prison pipeline
  • Health Equity
    Access to care
  • Environmental Equity
    Protecting health through toxic waste regulation, equal access to “green” jobs
  • Arts Equity
    Support for black culture and arts, programs for black in the arts
  • LGBTQ Equity
    Gay and lesbian rights

Tailored Support

We provide tailored expert support and associated tools and resources to develop and execute effective intentional philanthropy.

Working with our IPI team, you can create intentional investment strategy – that fits your goals, is right for your community and makes the biggest impact. Recent project support has included: 

  • Analysis and recommendations for refreshed vision, mission and giving focus
  • Evaluation of vehicles for giving
  • Joint venture with publishing company to provide literacy support to Black Community Centers
  • Development of giving circle for youth
  • Workshop series to develop more effective board and executive team


Workshops and Support

Tailwind Workshops and IDEAS Forums

Workshops to power their strategic thinking and inspire new ideas. Some workshops are open to the public and some are limited to clients and/or NEBiP members.

Convening on Race and Economics (CORE) Workshop

Partnership with renowned thought leaders to discuss trends, conditions and impediments in economic security for Black America; opportunities to improve Black lives and build Black assets.

Black Donor Convenings

Regional meetings of Black funds in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut to discuss collaboration.

Giving Boston Research Report Release

Fall 2019 release of data in Giving Boston Research Report. In partnership with the New England Latinos in Philanthropy, The Latino Legacy Fund, Asian American and Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy, The Boston Women’s Fund and others to produce the first in-depth, cross-racial and gender analysis of donor attitudes and behaviors in the Boston metropolitan area.

Martha’s Vineyard Summer Film and Panel Discussion

Held in August to preview films and discuss topics relevant to Black philanthropists.

For information about upcoming public forums, please visit our Events page. 

Additional Research and Resources

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