NEBIP wants to provide you with the great benefits of partnering with philanthropists, trustees and grant making staff interested in helping to address the needs of Black communities throughout the six-state New England region (Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont). Together, we can strive to provide the necessary tools to help our neighborhoods become healthy, vibrant and self-sufficient. As a member, you will be able to work towards advancing the influence and presence of Blacks in philanthropy. Please join us and do your part in helping to make our Black communities strong by informing, reforming and transforming the practice of philanthropy.

Membership has its advantages. As a NEBIP member, you will be able to connect with our individual and institutional members. You will be a part of a more inclusive philanthropic community and help to develop a keener insight into the priorities of the Black community.


Interested in joining NEBIP?

Membership requires:

Being a board member, trustee or staff of a funding organization or
Being a philanthropist who can give $5,000 or more to a non-profit entity

Membership includes:

Free or reduced admission to all NEBIP-related events and happenings
Access to NEBIP-related research
Access to members-only events
Promotion of programs, events, jobs and research on our website and in our email communications

Membership options:

Individual, at a cost of $250 annually
Institutional, at a cost of $1,500 annually
This type of membership makes it possible for up to six organizational affiliates to receive membership status.

Interested in other things? Complete the membership application, select your interest areas and we will provide you with updates on our various initiatives. 

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