These organizations represent what our study participants conveyed to us about the most important issues facing the Black community in Boston. We hope you will visit these featured organizations, and give to them during 100 Days of Giving Black..


Black philanthropy giving circle

The Black Philanthropy Giving Circle Fund’s mission is to create sustainable change in the Black community by leveraging the philanthropic efforts of donors and celebrating Black philanthropy. While all donations are welcome, a gift of $365 per year will allow you to become a member of the giving circle.


The grove hall trust

The mission of the Grove Hall Trust is to make Grove Hall better by improving the quality of life for its residents. The Grove Hall Trust is committed to empowering the community to decide what programs their neighborhood needs. Support our efforts to bring vital programs and resources to the Grove Hall area.


the prosperity foundation

TPF is a bold idea.  While we have witnessed the creation of specific donor-advised funds to address the needs of Black communities, there is no comprehensive public charity with all of the components of a community foundation, focused exclusively on improving the overall well being of the Black community in a specific State. 


The Rhode Island Black Philanthropy Bannister Fund

The Rhode Island Black Philanthropy Bannister Fund is the result of a collaboration between the Black Philanthropy Initiative, a field of interest fund established at the Foundation in 2007 to address the needs of the Black community, and Bannister House, a nursing home for retired African American domestic workers.


Roxbury Trust Fund

The Roxbury Trust Fund Committee was created by an Act of the Massachusetts Legislature: Chapter 443 of the Acts and Resolves of 1990. Seven Trustees were appointed to the Committee in accordance with the conditions specified in the legislation.