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Changing the Practice of Philanthropy through Giving Black®

Our mission is to inform, reform and transform the practice of philanthropy. We are bringing forth a paradigm shift in philanthropy from focusing on Black deficits to shining a light on our considerable potential and financial leverage in order to increase the assets in our communities with the power of Black philanthropy. We are doing this by creating a strong alliance between funders and Black communities. Along the way, we provide tools and resources to help foundations and other giving organizations make informed grant making decisions about their support in our communities.


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Intentional Philanthropic Investment

Intentional Philanthropic Investments

Give where the heart is

We seek to grow the social consciousness of affinity philanthropy so that both the individual and collective can “give where the heart is.” By assisting communities to understand the individual level of a cohesive, philanthropic social bond with a lens on diversity, equity and inclusion, we strengthen philanthropic effectiveness. This is necessary because most communities lack the unique philanthropic perspectives of affinity groups. By collecting data from Black philanthropists nationwide (Giving Black®) and across affinity groups (including Black, Latinx, Asian, women and LGBT) within a defined metropolitan area (Giving Cities), our Affinity Giving programs are enabling community foundations across the country to pursue more effective intentional giving.

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