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Changing the Practice of Philanthropy through Giving Black®

Our mission is to inform, reform, and transform the practice of philanthropy. We are bringing forth a paradigm shift in philanthropy from focusing on Black deficits to shining a light on our considerable potential and financial leverage in order to increase the assets in our communities with the power of Black philanthropy. We are doing this by creating a strong alliance between funders and Black communities. Along the way, we provide tools and resources to help foundations and other giving organizations make informed grant-making decisions about their support in our communities.


Give Black™ with NEBiP!

Our work is Giving Black® and that’s why we invite charitable and philanthropic organizations to partner with us in facilitating and supporting philanthropy in Black communities. We Give Black™ by working with these organizations to help them:

  1. Raise funds for innovative projects;

  2. Identify areas of need in the community;

  3. Build sustainable operational models;

  4. Educate the public about community needs; and

  5. Build cooperative networks of donors and service providers.

We also provide grants to help like-minded organizations seed innovative new programs. If your organization is interested in learning more, please contact us, so that we can explore ways to Give Black™ together!

Your participation makes the difference.
Join us as we innovate Black philanthropy!

Meet the 2023 Community Sentinels

Give where the heart is

This Black History Month, we launched the Sentinel Awards, a 28-day, community-driven effort to identify a person, group, or organization that embodies The 5 Ts of Philanthropy. A Sentinel gives their time, talent, ties, treasures, and a good testimony. This is genuinely Giving Black®.

Thanks to an overwhelming response from our friends and fans, we have identified semifinalists for the awards.

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Get Involved

If you would like to learn about our Give Black Alliance, where you can give, get support for your foundation or donate to NEBiP, please visit our Give Black® page.

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