100 Days of Giving Black

Our Giving Black study looked at 300 Black donors from Boston and found that there are three different types of givers in the area: a cornerstone donor, a kinship donor, and a sanctified donor. Cornerstoners like to give to support the betterment of society; kinshippers give to empower their communities; and sanctified donors give to churches and religious institutions. What type of donor are you?

No matter what your identity is as a giver, it’s good that you give at all! And to better help you establish your donor identity, we’re giving you this chart to help you better position your giving potential over the next 100 days.

In addition to helping you become more poised in your giving over the 100 days of giving, we will:

Host a series of online broadcasts through “Giving Black,” our Blog Talk Radio program where we will speak with influential leaders in their field about how they donate their time, talents, and treasures to charitable causes. Other online activities during the 100 hundred days will include distribution of resources through our social media channels. 

Provide you with our partner list of philanthropic entities for you to support during this season of giving. These organizations represent what our study participants conveyed to us about the most important issues facing the Black community in Boston. We hope you will visit these featured organizations, and give to them during 100 Days of Giving Black.

We thank you in advance for helping us cultivate and grow our giving potential across 100 Days of Giving Black.